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Latest News

2018-04: First flight sub-system delivery

First flight black body manufactured by Micos is delivered by Micos to the Customer for further integration.

2017-12: Flight blackbody in-house characterization

Radiometric tests of the first flight blackbody manufactured by Micos is concluded in Micos TVC.

2017-03: Micos TVC operational

Micos TVC is installed, expanding Micos testing capabilities with its 1.1m diameter and 1.7m long size, having the possibility to connect up to 3 temperature conditioning circuits and several access window.

2016-07: Cleanroom expansion

Second cleanroom extension with a 18 m² ISO6 tent to host Micos upcoming TVC and 12 m² ISO7 for storage and soldering.

2015-05: Management system update

M-Files is installed to support the document management system of Micos, improving traceability and work organization.

2013-09: First OGSE contract

S4-AIT-OGSE contractual negotiation conclude, for the delivery of the first OGSE system.

2013-04: First flight hardware contract

MTG-COM-BB contractual negotiations concluded, for the delivery of the first flight hardware.

2013-07: Cleanroom expansion

First cleanroom extension with an external 18 m² ISO7 tent and an ISO5 area within the ISO6.

2012-09: First two employees join Micos.

2011-12: First TRP development contract

Micos signs the first contract for a TRP development on Miniaturized Spectrometers based on waveguide technology.

2011-12: First contract

Micos concludes the negotiations for its first contracted contribution to an Operational Mission, providing MTG Spectral Calibration Engineering for the IRS instrument to Kayser Threde.


Micos takes over a 54 m² ISO6 climatized cleanroom Area from Optotune.


Micos officially starts its activity hosted by Empa/glaTec facility.