Engineering for Remote Sensing

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2012, March 12th

Micos is now member of the Swiss Space Center (Swiss Space Center)

 2012, February 24th

Micos presents 2 projects at the "Space Technologies Studies 2010: Results"

Micos presented the outcomes of the two projects SQUATOS and AHPPE at EPFL, Lausanne. These projects were performed in the frame of the “Space Positioning Measure” of SER 2010. These two technology development projects were developed with academic and industrial partners (Hexagon, LTF, CSEM for SQUATOS and CSEM for AHPPE). More details are available at the project page.

2011, December

The consortium led by Micos selected to support Kayser-Threde/OHB/Thalès Alenia Space and ESA for the spectral calibration of the MTG-IRS instrument

More details about this project in the MTG-SCES page.

2011, December

The consortium led by Micos selected by ESA to perform the technology development study MHiPIS in the frame of the TRP program

More details soon about this project in the MHiPIS page.