Engineering for Remote Sensing


The consortium lead by Micos is providing engineering support to the MTG-IRS instrument prime (Kayser-Threde) for the spectral calibration aspects.

Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) is the next mission with several operational satellites that will provide Europe with the main information for weather forecasting from 2017 to 2035. Two types of satellites will be produced: 4 satellite units MTG-I that will host primarily the imager instrument Flexible Cloud Imager (FCI) and 2 satellite units MTG-S that will host the Infrared Sounder (IRS) instrument and the Sentinel 4 instrument.

The work covered in this project is dedicated to engineering support on spectral calibration aspects for the development of the IRS instrument and its related Level 1 processing chain (and Level 1 Processor), from the definition of the calibration strategies, to the deliveries of two software prototypes (one performing the spectral calibration and the second one testing the spectral calibration performance), the delivery of reference spectra, the support for the definition and design of the OGSE, the contribution to the development of the Level 1 Processor and the last but not least support during the instrument on-ground testing and the on-orbit commissioning phase.

The major part of the work will be performed in the next two years, from the Kick-Off in December 2011 to the AAR planned in August 2013. After this intense working period, the remaining work expected is considered as mandatory options that are dedicated to the support for spectral calibration aspects during the Characterization & Calibration phase for both IRS instrument (on-ground testing), and for the commissioning phase of both MTG-S satellite (on-orbit testing).