Engineering for Remote Sensing

Key Micos People

Roman Schönbächler

Managing Director (co-founder)

Roman Schönbächler, (MSc ETH in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies; MAS ETH in Management, Technology, and Economics) is Managing Director at Micos Engineering GmbH. He worked at ABB from 1995 to 2010 in various positions. As Vice-President Remote Sensing, Local Business Unit Measurement Products and as member of the management team „Minerals, Printing and Remote Sensing“ at ABB premises of Dättwil, Switzerland he was acting as profit center manager. Beforehand he was as Innovation Manager in charge of the department „Innovation and Product Management“, ABB Center of Excellence Printing providing complex editorial and production workflow management software systems and was member of the management team „ABB Printing“ for almost 10 years leveraging on experiences gained as Lead Engineer in the same field of domain. He holds also a degree as Master of Advance Studies ETH in Management, Technology, and Economics of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland.

Urs Meier

Senior Project Manager (co-founder)

Urs E. Meier, (MSc) is Senior Project Manager at Micos Engineering GmbH. He worked for ABB from 1999 to 2011 and was project manager since 2001. He has followed various PM training courses and has received a certification as ABB Certified Senior Project Manager in 2010. He has expertise in scope definition, development processes, costing and scheduling and has a strong leadership. Before managing projects in remote sensing, he demonstrated abilities in the management of several complex international R&D projects driven at the ABB Corporate Research Center in Switzerland, where he also has been involved in various projects as principle scientist for the development of optical sensors and measurement system for high reliable industrial applications. Before at ETH Zurich as research assistant, he worked in non linear optics, laser optics and spectroscopy applications.

Philippe Giaccari

Senior System/Optical Engineer (co-founder)

Philippe Giaccari, (PhD, MBI) is Senior System/Optical Engineer at Micos Engineering GmbH. Dr. Giaccari worked for ABB from 2008 to 2011, first in the Canadian unit building Space instruments and then in Switzerland in the Remote Sensing group. He worked on several remote sensing projects for space applications. He has a solid background in standard and hyperspectral FTS technology: requirement analysis and flow-down to system and sub system level; instrument definition and conception; instrument performance simulation; performance validation and verification, data processing. During his PhD and post-doc work, Dr. Giaccari developed, built and tested various interferometer-type instruments, from fiber-based reflectometers to full hyperspectral FTS systems, including OCT and spectroscopy based on the beating of two mode-locked lasers. In particular he has long track expertise on fiber and waveguide based instrumentation. The remote-sensing projects he participated as ABB member include the definition of requirement and conceptual design of several spatial instruments for both the Canadian Space Agency and European missions through engineering support to Primes. He also endorsed the full system responsibility and testing for a small size instrument demonstrator during that period. The last important project as ABB member was dedicated to the development of a full characterization of an imaging FTS system for several future European missions.

Edoardo Alberti

Senior System/Mechanical Engineer (co-founder)

Edoardo Alberti, (PhD) is Senior System/Mechanical Engineer at Micos Engineering GmbH. Dr. Alberti joined the remote sensing team at ABB in 2010 as experienced researcher. Before he was acting for Remote Sensing Laboratory (University of Zürich) and VITO as the scientific project manager and deputy Principal Investigator for the ESA/PRODEX project APEX on the realization of an airborne push-broom imaging spectrometer. Previously at the Mechanical & Thermal Measurement Laboratory at the Technical University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano, 2002 - 2008), he extensively participated to the feasibility studies and realization of the working prototype of the demonstration unit of miniaturized FTS instrument MIMA for the ESA Exomars mission. Within this framework he performed activities on design, engineering, manufacturing process and instrument integration. He contributed to the research teams developing PFS for MarsExpress and VenusExpress development and engineering. He was further active in other fields such as development and deployment of mechanical & thermal measurement techniques.