Engineering for Remote Sensing

Micos Premises

ESD Laboratory

Micos has installed an EPA (ESD Protected Area) compliant optical laboratory at its premises. The lab is climatized to allow EPA standards. The optical lab has a footprint of 40 m², 3 optical tables. Two tables are stabilized.  Laboratory and technical equipment are actually established, with a particular focus on testing instrumentation in the infrared. A selection of optical elements  for the IR wavelength range is available. In addition a microvibration testing facility for small payloads (approx. 15 kg) was developed in a previous completed project and is available for microvibration environment testing.

Clean Room

The acquisition of an established clean room at the Micos location has been finalized. The clean room is a class 1000 (ISO6), with 52 m2 of usable surface and is finalized to be EPA compliant. For convenience, the optical laboratory is located nearby to the clean room.


Being embedded within the glaTec/Empa organization allows Micos a favorable condition in leveraging on resource synergies and in accessing highly specialized experimental facilities and technical capabilities. In fact, Empa acts as an interdisciplinary research and services institution for material sciences and technology development.


Empa has long played the role of reference lab for materials testing in Switzerland; since 1988 the institute is, however, focusing on application-oriented research and development in the following areas: nanostructured materials, sustainable environment, health & performance, natural resources & pollutants, and, energy. Micos and Empa already work on common projects and foresee together even more cooperation potential.